Public notice for Dealers of Lead Acid Batteries, Producers (Manufacturers, Sellers and Importers of New and Refurbished Batteries), Consumers (End Users of Batteries), Public Management Authorities, Entities involved in collection, segregation and treatment of Waste Batteries, Refurbishers of Used Batteries and Recyclers of Waste Batteries (dated-03.01.2022)-State Pollution Control Board, Odisha

  • 12th, January 2023
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Under the provisions of Battery Waste Management Rules, 2022, Public Waste Management Authorities will hand over collected Waste Batteries to the producers or agencies acting on their behalf or the entity engaged in refurbishment or recycling with a view to refurbishment or recycling of those Waste Batteries or carry out their recycling or refurbishment themselves. Further, all the Entities involved in collection, segregation and treatment of Waste Batteries, Refurbisher of Used Batteries and Recycler of Waste Batteries are required to obtain consent to establish (CTE) and Consent to Operate (CTO) under Water (PCP) Act, 1974 and Air (PCP) Act, 1981 and Authorization under Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016. Thereafter, Refurbisher and Recycler of Waste Batteries shall register with SPCB in the online portal of CPCB. Further, all producers shall register with CPCB in the online portal of CPCB, refer attachment for further details.

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