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We proudly present Compfie, our global e-Compliance Platform, to help you curb or eliminate non-compliance risks and giving you the convenience of accessing all your compliance requirements and their status on the move. Now digitize all your compliance documents and satisfy all your compliance criteria, all in one easy-to-use form and be 100% compliance integrated.

Take advantage of our innovative new digital technology and enhance operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance, and growth.

Awards & Recognitions

A significant milestone that defines our expertise

Recognised as the Most Reliable Risk and Compliance Tech Solution Provider for assisting clients in managing complex compliance standards across the world.

All in one place

Change the way of tracking your compliance status

In this evolving business era, it is essential to control your business with an effective system on board. Compfie is a futuristic SaaS-based compliance model that enables companies to track, govern and take care of the regulatory requirements, performance evaluation and internal operations thereby mitigating future risks.

360o Dashboard

Get a complete snapshot of your company’s compliance status, anytime.
It is remarkably easy to keep track of your performance now.

Effortless Tracking

Gain absolute control over the compliance management through automated triggers & state of the art escalation mechanism.

Business Entity Management

A proactive risk evaluation mechanism for decision making, based on personalized risk-impact analysis & predictions.

Real-time Analytics

Get this simple and powerful tool to surveil compliance metrics with high-end reports for informed business operations.

Handle with ease

Why compromise when you have the right Software in hand!

The real-time intelligence that helps you stay informed & ahead.

  • Real-time legal updates
  • Centralized Data
  • Privilege access
  • Exceptional data security
  • Task status tracker
  • Omnichannel support
Why Compfie

Our approach that works, big time!

The changing regulatory landscape calls for a powerful strategy to be implemented. Hence we settle only for the extraordinary strategy with the aim of making the Corporate India Comply & helping to achieve all your competitive business goals.


Highly proficient team of professionals across diverse backgrounds backed by decades of serious work.


Our clientele stands tall as we are constantly committed to achieving ‘customer delight and satisfication’,


Our secret ingredient is a unique combination of knowledge & truly leveraging state of the art technology.

What Our Clients Say...

[vcat_testimonial style=”3″ rating=”4.5″ client_name=”Cavinkare Private Limited” client_title=”Rahul & Gautham” image_id=”19995″ link=”|||”]Compfie is a very valuable and userfriendly compliance software. The various report produced by this software, is very impressive, especially the dashboard consolidation of the pie chart and Task wise report.[/vcat_testimonial]
[vcat_testimonial style=”3″ rating=”4″ client_name=”JN Machineries Private Limited” client_title=”S P Murugananda Ganesh”]It’s reliable and beneficial software. I am impressed with the remarks history of all the reports and task-wise report deliverables.[/vcat_testimonial]
[vcat_testimonial style=”3″ rating=”5″ client_name=”GVK International” client_title=”Sandeep” image_id=”19996″]Compfie, e-compliance platform is proven to be an invaluable tool to our company, especially the Vendor Audit model has been helpful to us.[/vcat_testimonial]
[vcat_testimonial style=”3″ rating=”4″ client_name=”Auromatix Holdings” client_title=”Muruganadam Kumar Sitaraman” image_id=”19997″]The way Compfie supports us to track our compliance status is highly appreciable. We are looking forward to availing of their assistance for all our statutory compliance necessities.[/vcat_testimonial]
[vcat_testimonial style=”3″ rating=”4.5″ client_name=”John Deere” client_title=”Manoj Dangwal” image_id=”19994″]Compfie is an excellent, inbuild e-tracker. With its unique feature, we can track all our compliance status at a glance.[/vcat_testimonial]
[vcat_testimonial style=”3″ rating=”5″ client_name=”SE2 Digital” client_title=”Kamlesh Bhojwani & Shweta Bhatia” image_id=”19998″]We are pleased to say that Aparajitha, with its excellent management and professionalism, expertise can capture and store 7 years of our data, which are readily available to tack the compliance status and generate multiple reports.[/vcat_testimonial]
[vcat_testimonial style=”3″ rating=”5″ client_name=”Kongsberg Maritime” image_id=”19999″]It’s almost like having reminder tools here with me. I just have to fill in the current status, and click save. It’s so simple. Special thanks to the team for giving continuous support for the streamlining of the statutory affairs in our company.[/vcat_testimonial]
[vcat_testimonial style=”3″ rating=”5″ image_id=”20000″ client_name=”Deshpande foundations”]We have been able to achieve 100% compliance for 2020-2021, till date. THANK YOU for helping us reach this milestone! We are confident and look forward to your continued support in taking forward this legacy of achieving 100% compliance month on month[/vcat_testimonial]
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