Why Compfie?

No. of statutory compliance tasks covered in India


12000+ (1589+ Acts & Rules)


  • Maker-Checker concept
    with inbuilt hierarchy & escalation process
  • Risk criticality approach through A B C analysis
  • Real-time legal updates on any amendment in the law
  • Continuous monitoring of compliance performance from global to unit level
  • Comprehensive Audit trails to increase Due Diligence
  • Compliance Framework Assessment and Advisory
  • Compliance Calendarfor quick reference into in-progress, overdue & upcoming tasks
  • Proactive risk evaluation platform with a risk chart
  • Exhaustive Reports & Compliance Dashboards for a consolidated view of the compliance status
  • Dynamically driven compliance performance with auto-trigger, tracking & escalation of compliance
  • Automated alerts & triggers to complete compliance tasks before due dates
  • Compliance Scorecard for compliance performance evaluation
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