Order regarding Levels of restrictions of Safe Maharashtra (order dated – 25.06.2021) – Govt. of Maharashtra

  • 28th, June 2021
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Order regarding Levels of restrictions of Safe Maharashtra (order dated – 25.06.2021) – Govt. of Maharashtra

Following modifications/ alternations and additions to the above referred order dated 4th June, 2021 are hereby promulgated for compliance by all:

  • State Level Triggers.
  • Weekly Positivity Rate.
  • Declaration Process for Levels of Restrictions to be followed by DDMA.
  • While; coming down onto a lower level, DDMA shall look into two weeks’ trend before accepting lower level of restrictions. When there is an upward trend in number of positive cases being identified daily and requiring a higher level of restrictions than the current one, DDMA however shall do so without waiting for two weeks’ trends.

DDMA shall take following special actions in addition to ensure ease of restrictions do not lead to spread of Covid 19:

  • Push vaccination through public awareness activities; Attempt must be to achieve vaccination of 70% of eligible population at the earliest; encourage work place vaccinations especially of blue collar workers; Push Test-Track-Treat methodology to contain the spread.
  • Enforce on establishments to ensure safe work spaces with proper air ventilation norms using neither hepa filters nor proper exhaust fans due to airborne droplet nature of the virus.
  • Carry out large number of tests and percentage of RT-PCR tests vis-a-vis other tests must be as expected by Public Health Department.
  • Impose fines effectively on violators of Covid Appropriate Behavior.
  • Avoid events/ functions/ activities that lead to crowding, congregations and gatherings.
  • Declare containment zones judiciously so that restrictions are imposed on a smaller area, especially defaulting area.
  • Make flying squads for enforcement of CAB, especially to check high incidence events like marriages and establishments like restaurants, malls etc. It must be appreciated that CAB compliance is a must for lowering restrictions that are nothing but social level desperate measures in case of failure of this compliance by individual citizens.


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