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  • 20th, April 2019
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It is 2019 and the world of business has learnt that one new age phenomenon works. Automation. As much as possible, businesses around the globe have figured that the key to perfection, optimization and time management is automation. People actually sit and think about how much we can automate each segment of the business. And here we are.

The examples of automation are endless in the business game today. Shipping refunds are automated. Employee payroll is automated. Attendance and project deliverable reports are automated. Document signing, submissions… think about just every process and it is automated.

 When every segment is in an automation spree, can compliance be far behind? Compliance is an integral part of running a business. there are internal and external compliance processes that are developed with the government’s compliance goals in mind. How does one ensure complete compliance? Aparajitha has rolled out an automated tool, Compfie, to take care of compliance management incorporates.

What does Compfie do?

Compfie is a tool that offers a dashboard view of everything associated with a company’s compliance perspective. It is custom built to support your industry, your organization, your employee size etc. several organizations who started using Compfie found that Compfie brought visibility to many of the compliance activities which were not maintained since inception. This is the major advantage with a centralized compliance risk management tool that provides visibility on all non-compliances along with penal consequences. This is almost impossible when you track things manually. When you look at mock audits manually, you might miss some things because let’s face it, you aren’t a compliance expert.

From the stables of Aparajitha, the compliance giant…

Since Aparajitha, the organization that has created Compfie, has several years of experience with compliance, they have put their experience in building the tool. Every aspect of compliance is taken care of. Every industry has different compliance laws, regulations, policies etc. Every region has its own compliance regulations. Aparajitha has expertise in state and centre level labour law compliance, payroll compliance, factory compliance, mining compliance etc, among other things. In India, there are state and central level compliance and licence laws. Compfie will update these certifications and trigger alerts when registrations, certifications and licences are up for renewal. Until the right action is taken, Compfie keeps alerting and escalating triggers.

 Your organization becomes audit ready…

The Compfie platform stores compliance documents and aids easy access and retrieval. It maintains several registers and makes the organization any time ready for compliance audits. If there are changes in state and central laws (or, any other region laws that the organization is subject to), there are instant updates on Compfie that help you jump into action.

The platform helps to form a clear picture on legal, statutory and regulatory laws at one place. Organizations are able to attain licenses on time as well as assign employee roles and responsibilities to meet statutory mandates.

 Compfie is a one-stop shop for all compliance needs. With such a tool in place, all your compliance needs are taken care of while you can be relaxed about compliance-related risks. 


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